Midtwenties Theatre Society is the newest addition to Vancouver’s theatre community. The non-profit company was established by Canadian-Chinese actor, filmmaker and director, Beau Han Bridge. His passion for theatre, which he developed in high school after an unfortunate mountain biking accident, and his drive to create and present innovative works that draw upon contemporary issues and themes less explored amongst mainstream theatre led him to create Midtwenties Theatre Society. 


To create and showcase works that address contemporary stories and issues prevalent in the lives of millennial youth through independent production of contemporary works created by young and aspiring artists of the millennial-era.

To explore themes that range from economic hardship and technological alienation, to mental illness and philosophical dilemmas and highlight the connection of these themes to real life.

To bring contemporary characters into the classical realm of theatre performance and provide another opportunity to bring people together in an increasingly segregated world.

To one day be able to provide outreach, network, and volunteer programs that cater towards offering theatre and acting experiences to art-aspiring adolescents that struggle to find such opportunities. 

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