Above The Hospital - AUDITION INFO!!

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Company: Midtwenties Theatre Society

Playwright: Beau Han Bridge

Director: Beau Han Bridge

Produced by Midtwenties Theatre Society & Red Gate Arts Society


Production Dates: (See Notes Below) Performances dates = January 12 - January 21, 2018 @ Red Gate Revue Stage.


Audition Date: Selftape by September 27th @ 5pm

Audition Address: N/A


Requires: 3 Men in their early/mid-20’s, 3 Woman in their late-teens to early/mid-20’s. 


Notes:  Play is a 90-page naturalist-work that contains strong language and depicts drug-use, non-toxic smoke effects, mild-sexual content, and violence. Actors will be asked and given questions with their audition to address if they are comfortable with these elements.


 Actors chosen MUST BE available for dates listed below. Rehearsals will be only on Mondays & Wednesday evenings for 2 hours from 7pm - 9pm. Each rehearsal session will deal with approximately 5 to 7-pages of the play, with the whole play comprising of 90-pages. 

Rehearsals will all take place at Carousel Theatre on Granville Island (1411 Cartwright St. Vancouver, BC, V6H 3R7) 


Dates required to commit:

October 2 = First Meeting (Monday, 6pm)

October 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30 (Monday & Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm)

November 1, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29 (Monday & Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm)

December 4, 6, 11, 13 (Monday & Wednesday, 7pm - 9pm)

January 3, 8, 10 (Tech Rehearsals 6pm - 9pm)

January 12 - 21 (Performance - 10 Shows Total)


Submission info

Please submit a resume and headshot to Chosen applicants will be contacted and be given a monologue or scene to self-tape. Instructions will also be provided as to how to self-tape and what information must be given for consideration. Tapes must be sent in by Wednesday, September 27th @ 5pm and chosen actors will be notified on September 29th. 



Each six actors will receive an honorarium of $100 + 5% of profit share for the entirety of the production, as well as digital recordings and any promotional and documentary material they wish to have.



In 2017 “Trudeau”-Era Vancouver City, two lower-class Millennials - the rational, nursing student Lauren; and her older, aspiring, musician-boyfriend Cameron - live together in an overly priced, tiny apartment above a hospital. One night, a poor experience at a restaurant forces them to come back to their dingy-abode earlier than expected, where a casual-evening of sex, pot, and talk turns into a casual-night of drinking, arguing, and reminiscing about the past… a casual-evening for the both of them… until unexpected guests arrive at their apartment, disrupt their stable existence, and force them to reexamine themselves in the face of an unknown future.


Character Breakdown

LAUREN BERNICKE (19-26, Female): A very pragmatic and rational girl with an intelligence and personality that far surpasses her age. Nervous, antisocial, and the type of girl that had the college boyfriend while she was in grade 9 instead of many girlfriends. Her underlying desire to be a filmmaker is constantly repressed by her fears of instability and being societally debased, causing her to always talk about ideas, even though she never puts anything to action in the end. She also studies nursing part-time while she works at “F As In Franks” to pay for her tuition and rent. 


CAMERON HOLGER (20-29, Male): A carefree idealist that aspires to be a musician capable of writing songs to the likes of famous singer-songwriters (I.e. Dallas Green, Ben Gibbard, Conor Oberst, etc.). Naturally romantic, thoughtful, and even potentially capable of actually accomplishing his dreams. Unfortunately, fears, uncertainties, and his dependence on drinking, smoking, and company inevitably prevent him from working towards them, and this insecurity ends up manifesting in his difficulty to show his true feelings or show his own original songs to anybody, including the love of his life, Lauren. 


BO HAN RENDERS (20-29, Male): A pretentious, overzealous individual that only thinks as far as the weekend ahead of him and spends most of his-off time painting black-n-white abstracts for grassroots art galleries or going out and collecting life experiences with his girlfriend, Abby. He paints more quantity than quality, honestly, but the times always seem to work in his favour, which is a quality that his best friend, Cameron, utterly despises. 


ABBY ALLAIRE (19-28, Female): A very confident and self-assured girl that is doing a master’s in Botany at UBC while working for her tuition at “F As In Franks”. Aside from her job, her genuine love for classical-hollywoods films (I.e. Billy-wilder/Ingrid Bergman/Howard Hawks, etc.) is the glue that binds her friendship with Lauren. She is also very sociable and rebellious, but is also the type of person that stays quiet and passive during serious situations that would perhaps benefit from her involvement if she were to choose to step in instead of stand back.


MICHAEL (19-26, Male): A jolly-kid. The type of adolescent that would be the perfect husband, that get’s friend-zoned, that get’s ID’ed at every bar, that is always the third-wheel at hangout’s, and the most memorable and talked about when not around.


NATASHA (19-25, Female): An anxious, naive girl that is smarter and stronger than she makes herself out to be. Has never encountered any trouble or negative experiences throughout her life but still suffers from chronic anxiety and recurrent early-onset depression. Also a first-year psychology student at SFU that prefers animals over people and has to have music playing in the background wherever she is to avoid confronting her worst fear - awkward silences.


Hope to see you involved or at the show!


Announcing our next production - "Above The Hospital"... 

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