Upon a successful run last year with "The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant", Midtwenties Theatre Society is proud to be back to premiere "Two Modern Noh Plays By Yukio Mishima" for the 2019 Dramatic Works Series.

In "Sotoba komachi", A poet meets Komachi, a repulsive-looking old woman, at a Tokyo park in the night. She reminisces on a night in the 1880s, and together with the help of the poet (who acts the part of the Military Officer with whom she fell in love), they relive that night. The poet realizes that she is still beautiful, and sees past her ragged clothes and wretched body, but expressing her beauty can only result in death.

In "Hanjo", the beautiful Hanako looks for her lover, Yoshio, at a train station. With an opened fan in her arms, peering into the face of every man who alights, she returns each time disappointed to her waiting-room bench. Will her lover return to her? Or will she continue her lonely search? Meanwhile Jitsuko, who bought Hanako from her geisha contract, does all she can to retain the status quo.



Sept 6th @ 9:10pm / Sept 7th @ 5:00pm / Sept 8th @ 12:30pm / Sept 9th @ 7:00pm / Sept 12th @ 9:15pm /Sept 14th @ 7:00pm

VENUE: Vancity Lab at The Cultch (1895 Venables St, Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6)

Runtime: 100 minutes (no intermission)

Featuring performances by: Wynn Siu, Quinn Hinch, Maria Yanagisawa, Nadya Debogorski, Junita Thiessen, & Travis Friday.

Directed by Kenneth Tynan & Kate Ely

Produced by Beau Han Bridge

Music composed by Quincy Chimich

Stage Managed by Shelby Satterthwaite

Graphic Design by Emma Tynan

Set Design by Michael Peter Bridge

“Hauntingly enigmatic, subtle and beautiful, Mishima’s masterpieces reach back into the deep past of ancient myth and brings into the modern world stories that are part fairy-tale, part surreal drama.” —Broadway World 

Poetic / Intellectual / Intimate / LGBTQ+ / Multicultural / All Ages / 100 minutes 

This show is created by an underrepresented Artist.

Collaboratively produced and performed by Artists from different genders and cultural backgrounds, including Asian and Métis.